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Gemstone ring collection 

♡Sparkly healing gems for everyday wear 

♡Made with elastic band for a comfy fit

♡Only natural gems, no discoloring, no taking off when washing hands 

♡Mix and match 

♡Also wearable as midi rings 


Amazonite & Pyrite gemstone rings 

Select your size from the menu! Different crystals are also available on request.


Amazonite is the crystal of hope. It’s named after the Amazon river where it’s been worn since ancient times by warrior women. It gives a tranquil  energy that helps in clearing the energy center and supports communication. Amazonite guides you through times of change and encourages to flow with where life takes you. 


Pyrite, also known as “ fools gold “ is the crystal of wealth & good luck. It assists in finding motivation & strength. It’s a grounding crystal & provides masculine energy. It guides in breaking repetitive negative patterns. 

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