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Aura crystal
Azura Gems 

Your jewelry and the vibes in your home show your personality and being. The crystals and items that you choose, or when they choose you, enhance whatever mood you might be in on that day or phase. Sometimes it’s useful to wear or use a specific crystal for a month or so, until it has completed it’s work for that phase so you can recharge it and use it again later at the right time. When you consider the spiritual and metaphysical element of crystals and minerals used in the jewelry, you can set the tone for your day and it adds another personal layer to every piece. Whether it’s small and dainty, a chunky natural crystal, or somewhere in-between, you can guarantee the piece that chooses you is perfect for you at that very moment and adds some magic to your everyday life. Each a carefully selected piece of art, just like you.
Since establishment of our Etsy shop under the name Shop Stardust in 2015 with amazing clients and reviews we have been rapidly growing and expanding and for that reason chose to open our very own webshop including a fresh new rebranding.
If you want to see something restocked/customized, get in touch and we'll do our best to do so! We want to share nature's gifts and gems, through crystals and magical vibes. We really appreciate you for your support. Thank you for supporting us and happy shopping!
Girl with tattoos and jewelry
About the founder
Since childhood, I have been drawn to crystals and spirituality. I was always fascinated by the fact that such beautiful, sparkling crystals were naturally formed in the earth or sea. Once I learned about the spiritual and energetic properties of these pieces, I sought to find my favorite stones in jewelry form, so I could use their benefits while also making a statement. I would visit a crystal shop close to my home, where the owner would scan my energy and recommend a crystal that would be good for me at that given moment. I was mesmerized by it and decided that I wanted to help people in that way too.  I started making jewelry and researching all different crystals and materials and meanings. Inspired by the universe and the uniqueness each piece of nature has to offer.
Aura Quartz necklace
The art
Every piece art at Azura Gems is made with quality crystals and materials, handpicked for each individual piece. Crystals are cleansed physically and energetically prior to being transformed into art and cleansed again before being shipped off to their new homes. Most pieces are also customizable to compliment your individual style, size and purposes.
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